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The Importance of Having Medical Staff Track CME for Clinicians

Clinicians today are not just responsible for conducting patient visits and administrative tasks while at work. In their free time, they are also required to make sure they are compliant with all CME and make sure it is completed in a timely fashion. In a previous post, we discussed the difficulties behind this for multiple license holders; some being that there are inconsistent deadlines across states or simply just a high course load that is all due at the same time as well. A busy workload in the office, as well as overwhelming CME with conflicting deadlines, are a common source of frustration for medical professionals.
Although there are services that offer CME tracking, including our CE App Elite which helps save up to 40 hours per year for clinicians who shouldn’t be wasting their time on administrative tasks. The service tracks certificates CE/CME automatically, counts up requirements, sends renewal reminders, and curates relevant content to fulfill whatever is left.
Unfortunately, clinicians still have to be the ones to actively search and find a CME tracker like CE App Elite, as well as set it up for themselves. Although this saves them a lot of time already, we believe that this process should be conducted by admins or medical staff in the office.
Having medical staff or admins streamline CME for their clinicians would greatly reduce the at-home clerical burden on doctors to find the proper site to track their CME. It would also allow clinicians to devote more time to other duties. By having staff use CME trackers such as CE App Elite for their employees, tracking CME would additionally become more organized for everyone involved.
A recommended strategy to impose this would be to begin a database with each employee’s CME history and progress to use in a CME tracker. The medical staff or admins would be able to collect this data from all of their employees in a smaller practice, or even a large hospital and effectively be able to communicate this information to their employees to make sure they stay up to date on their CME.
Although some may believe that this would increase the work-load for medical staff or admins, this would not be the case. The staff will likely not be swamped calling clinicians to verify clinicians CME. Instead, they can curate the information in a database and send it out to their employees to be responsible for on their own time. Medical staff using CE App Elite, in particular, have had a positive experience tracking CE for their clinicians:

This has the potential to be a “win-win” scenario for both clinicians and medical staff. With time being saved in both ends, we would hope to acknowledge that there would be improvements in CME related stress for both clinicians and medical staff.