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Top 5 Geriatric CME Courses

Explore top geriatric CME courses, from in-person conferences to online options. Earn up to 25 credits and enhance your expertise in geriatric medicine. Let the CE App curate personalized options for you.


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Signing up for the “best” continued medical education credits can mean something different for everyone. Are you the adventurous type who wants to travel to a different city and attend workshops focusing on the latest research or techniques for your specialty, or do you prefer to read up on the basics with online options? Do you want to learn more about the issues you treat every day, or would you prefer to learn something outside of your day-to-day work to broaden your scope of knowledge?

Even though the amount of CME options are relatively endless, it can be quite time-consuming to find applicable options for your speciality and learning preference. As a geriatric physician, finding beneficial courses can be difficult for this very reason. Lucky for you, we can help with that part so you can spend more of your time doing what you love… treating patients.

If you need a CE roundup that is targeted to your specific need (location, date, topic), use the CE app for content curated specifically for YOU. Just request here!

Take a look below to see some of our top picks for geriatric CME courses, with both in-person and online options.

1. Geriatric Medicine Live Course

  • Type: In-Person Conference
  • Earn: 25 credits
  • When: December 4 – 7, 2019
  • Where: Fort Myers, Florida
  • Course Description: This conference will touch on everything from the basics in geriatric medicine including how to diagnose, treat and manage common clinical conditions seen among the geriatric population.

2. Geriatric Medicine Self-Study Package – 10th Edition

  • Type: Video-based
  • Earn: 22.5 credits
  • Cost: $775
  • Course Description: With 23 self-paced video lectures, viewers will learn how to identify various medical and mental health issues in geriatric patients, as well as other critical public health concerns affecting many geriatric patients

3. Hospice and Palliative Care Self-Study Package – 1st Edition

  • Type: Pre-recorded from live workshop
  • Earn: 11.5 credits
  • Cost: $485
  • Course Description: This pre-recorded course is perfect for someone with a busy schedule and can’t attend workshops in-person. This package will address various topics, including advanced care planning, referrals, nutrition and hydration, symptom management, last hours, grief and bereavement, and more.

4. Care of the Patient with a Hip Fracture

  • Type: Article
  • Earn: 2 CME credits
  • Cost: $20, $15 for American College of Physicians member
  • Course Description: This course focuses on a specific case to help physicians develop skills to properly evaluate, diagnose and treat the virtual patient.

5. Osteoporosis Management: Advances in Pharmacotherapy

  • Type: Online
  • Earn:  1 credit
  • Cost: Free
  • Course Description: This free course focuses on the current treatment of osteoporosis, while also highlighting important research on new treatment methods for the disease.


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