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5 useful resources for Acupuncturists

Discover essential resources for acupuncturists, including a must-read acupuncture manual, a podcast from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, a professional forum, CE course finders, and a free CE tracking app.


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Must-Read Literature:

A Manual of Acupuncture by Peter Deadman, Mazin Al- Khafaji and Kevin Baker is an influential must read for all acupuncturist-to-be or current acupuncturists. Peter Deadman is a seasoned acupuncturist who has been dedicated to acupuncture for over 3 decades. Notably, he is also the author of The Journal of Chinese Medicine, which goes beyond the scope of traditional acupuncture but also into Chinese herbal medicine, dietary medicine, as well as Chinese medical history and philosophy. Peter and his two co-authors have spent over 8 years working on this masterpiece to provide colorful illustrations of the acupuncture points and anatomical features. Incredibly, the Manual of Acupuncture became the standard points text throughout the English-speaking world only a year after it was published.


The New “It” Podcast:

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, a best- known school specialized in TCM and acupuncture, recently launched  “Pacific Center for Lifelong Learning” podcast in 2018.  In the podcast, Dr. Greg Lane, director of clinical services, interviews healthcare practitioners, researchers, authors, innovators, athletes, entrepreneurs and so on, to discuss topics like medical cannabis, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, acupuncture and aromatherapy etc. This is the perfect source to hear all the latest news while driving to work.


Online Hub of Acupuncturists:

Yin Yang House Clinic hosts a forum for professional acupuncturists, TCM professionals and anyone who is interested in this field. The discussion board is full of questions ranging from chinese medicine and its theological aspects to all topics regarding the healing arts. This hub brings together professionals to not only improve their knowledge but also make connections with one another. The founder of Yin Yang House, Chad J. Dupuis, even contributes to provides answers in hot topics. Do you have a burning question, head over there today!


CE course finder:

The difficulty of finding relevant or engaging continuing education (CE) in the field of acupuncture is now a thing of the past. Now licensed acupuncturist can ensure they are receiving their required CE at an affordable cost by checking out these sites below!


  • The Journal of Chinese medicine CEU: If you are the reader of JCM, Congrats! They are currently providing CEU which are based on their journal articles. The price is from $15-25. Currently, they have 40 journal articles that are qualified for gaining CE credits.
  • Grasshopper: This is a platform created by acupuncturists for acupuncturists. There 18 courses on the site for you to choose. The price is $19.95 per CEU.
  • Acupuncture Continuing Education: They segment the courses by NCCAOM, California, Florida, and Texas. CE requirements are shown on the site clearly which you can pick the course based on your state. They also provide live webinar that is qualified for CE.


CE tracking tool:

Now that you found your CE courses to meet your states requirements, you need to keep track of them. To avoid losing your license, it’s important you stay on top of both taking CE as well as managing it. Luckily, the CE APP does this all for you. It’s one of the top CE tracking apps that is free for anyone. Yes, we said FREE. Besides tracking, they encourage users to use Find CE function which you can request the CE in a specific topic, and you will get the courses curation per your request.


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