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Simplify CE Tracking with Top Apps: Discover CE App Now

Explore the leading CE tracking apps and online tools. CE App stands out, simplifying continuing education credit tracking. Effortlessly manage your profile, track credits, and find courses. Download CE App now.


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See how your organisation can use CE App to increase revenue and improve continuing education compliance.

As one of the best continuing education trackers on the market, CE App allows any licensed professionals to keep track of continuing education credits– and it’s free!

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We are going to give you a quick walkthrough on how to BEST utilize CE App, so you can discard the monotonous CE spreadsheets clogging your computer. 

Before you get started, I’d like you to check out our user guide, or,  if you prefer, watch the video instead.



On the profile page, you can put your basic information including your name, license type, renewal date and the states where you are holding the license, as CE App enables you to track multiple state licenses.

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Track Your Credits and Hours

Click on Track a CE button, you can add any of your continuing education certificates or live conference record via uploading the pdf file or even just a picture that you take on your phone. Our platform lets you track your continuing education from different providers in one place. After you upload the certificate, you can fill in the information such as course title, CE completed date, and hours. A note column is for you to add additional information like the given course fulfills the special requirements.

The sum of the credits or hours will be automatically calculated, you can see that on the dashboard.

If you upload CE without adding the certificates, it will show up in the “CE’s Without Certificate” column.


Look for the course

Instead of feeding you a whole bunch of courses (you can still locate the course on the CE App, but they are displayed there without being overwhelming), the Find CE function lets you request specifically the CE you are looking for. By submitting the information of your license type, specialty and the number of credits that you are looking for, you will get a follow-up email from the CE App team. 

Or you can always find courses that our team has been hand-picked for you.


If you are looking for more…

CE App also has the premium version- CE App Elite. You will get the license renewal notification, if you are holding multiple licenses, then you will get a reminder when each of license renewal is due. Also, per your request, we can curate personalized CE courses or live events for you based on your specialty and preference. We will also provide you an overview of your CE requirement completion progress by states.

Tracking continuing education credits should not be this annoying if you have the right tool on your hand. Click here to Download CE App now.

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