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First Annual Oscars for Emergency Medicine CME

Introducing the 1st Annual Oscars for Emergency Medicine CME. Recognizing the best value, quick bite, audio, broad scope, and film-style CME courses.


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Oscars for Emergency Medicine CME

Good evening, I’m Scott Davidson, your host of the first annual Oscars for Emergency Medicine CME.  Monologues and context are overrated, so let’s just get started.  

Best Value (Free)

Did you hear the one about the free CME course?  It gave the same number of credits without costing you any money.  You were probably expecting a punchline, but CME is no laughing matter.  This category goes to the CE that offers the most credits, while also being free.  The nominees are:

  1. Achieving Long-Term Protection Post-MI: The Accumulated Evidence
    Educator: Medscape
    Credits: 0.5
    Cost: Free
  2. Paving the Way to Better Epilepsy Outcomes
    Educator: My CME
    Credits: 1.0
    Cost: Free
  3. Optimizing Care for Patients with Acute Coronary Syndromes
    Educator: Rockpointe
    Credits: 1.25
    Cost: Free

Best Quick Bite (1.0 hours or less)

Has this ever been you?  “Honey, I think we should take a break from our long, marathon session of trying to make a … scrapbook. I think I’d like to do some CME in the interim.”  What am I saying?  This has definitely been you at some point.  This category is for those who maximize time, get their work done on time, and avoid lucubration at all costs. The nominees are:

  1. Excercise-induced Pulmonary Hypertension
    Educator: Cleveland Clinic
    Credits: 1.0
    Cost: Free
  2. Lifestyle Medicine for Stress Management
    Educator: Harvard Medical School
    Credits: 1.0
    Cost: $25.00
  3. Heart Failure Management: From the ED to Hospital Admission and Discharge
    Educator: Haymarket Medical Education
    Credits: 1.0
    Cost: Free

Best Audio

The average thought is not very smart.  If you take a look at everything you think of during the day and made an audiotape of it, you would be pretty ashamed of yourself.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that’s just how it goes.  Instead, why don’t you listen to some amazing audio CME – give the voices inside your head a break.  Who knows? Maybe after a little bit of rest, you’ll have some good ideas for once.  The nominees are:

  1. Medicolegal Issues
    Educator: Audio Digest
    Credits: 2.0
    Cost: $24.99
  2. Trauma
    Educator: Audio Digest
    Credits: 2.0
    Cost: $24.99
  3. Pediatric Emergencies
    Educator: Audio Digest
    Credits: 2.0
    Cost: $24.99

Best Broad Scope

You have probably heard it many times – that it is the little things that count.  But it’s been many years since medical school and you have probably forgotten more than just the little things.  Have no fear though!  The following courses are comprehensive in scope and give you the nostalgia (PTSD?) from your old medical school days.  The nominees are:

  1. 27th High Risk Emergency Medicine
    Educator: Center for Emergency Medical Education
    Credits: 15.75
    Cost: $499.00
  2. Emergency Medicine: A Comprehensive Review
    Educator: Oakstone
    Credits: 26.0
    Cost: $895
  3. Emergency Medicine Board Vitals
    Educator: Board Vitals
    Credits: 35.0
    Cost: $599.00

Best Film

La La Land.  Moonlight.  Fences.  Manchester by the Sea.  I enjoyed all of these beautiful films, despite the nagging question in the back of my head as I watched each film.  Do any of these films give me any CME credit?  A quick Google search confirmed my fears.  However, there are forms of video CME that will give you the credits that all of these “prestigious” movies lack.  Maybe they’ll feature some of your colleagues?  And the nominees are:

  1. Avoiding Medication Related Malpractice
    Educator: Law and Medicine
    Credits: 2.0
    Cost: $69.00
  2. Reversal Strategies for VKA: Truths and Misconceptions
    Educator: Medscape
    Credits: 0.5
    Cost: Free
  3. Hyperkalemia: Causes, Consequences and Treatment
    Educator: The Doctor’s Channel
    Credits: 0.75
    Cost: Free

Want to know the results to the 1st Annual Emergency Medicine CME Awards?  Fill in the form below and we’ll email them to you – or just take all of the courses!

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