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We here at ACEA are going to let you in on a little gem…since we know you’re here because you want to know the BEST ways to gain CME easily. If you often have trouble finding relevant CE matching your learning style and field, then it’s time to step into the future by having a customized course curation list designed to fit YOUR SPECIALTY delivered straight into your inbox in any specific format of the CE courses that you could desire.


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As a licensed medical professional, you may be fairly experienced in gaining CE credits from go-to sites or have already signed up for the conferences for the rest of the year. If this is the case, you may want to just skip the following paragraphs for now, but make sure read the last part of the article. And for those who are still feeling frustrated to find helpful resources to get CE, stay tuned! We have some helpful advice just for you.

Free CE course:

First off- free ce. This is one of the most popular questions that we got from our user base: can I get free CE course?

We hear you, and the following are some sites they provide free online CE courses. Simply sign up the membership then you can have the access to them.


  • freeCME.com: freeCME.com is one of the divisions of Relias Company. They provide their sponsor client’s online CE course. Simply sign up for a free account, and you will have access to the courses.
  • Pri-med: This site has about 350 CE online courses for free. If you prefer learning by listening, there’s a podcast section as well. Pri-med also holds live CME conference events, but these are paid sessions.
  • Medscape: Medscape is one of the most well-known sites for gaining CME. They have numerous CME courses in different specialties for free. You only have to sign up for the free membership, and then you can have the access to online CME courses, CME webinars, and much more.
  • American college of Physicians: Unfortunately, you have to pay for getting the access to the majority of courses, however, ACP does provide a few free CME course in which you can get one 1 CME/MOC, including watching course recordings, listening to podcasts and doing some online work.
  • NurseCEU.com: NurseCEU.com provides CE courses for nurses and other healthcare professionals, covering 45 different categories. It’s like a dictionary of CE courses from different educators. They have both paid and free courses on the site. The direct link here will lead you to the free course page.
  • Psychiatry & Psychotherapy Podcast: A lot of our users have requested for psychology-related CE courses, this site offers 4.5 free CME by listening to their podcasts, taking post- quizzes and getting the certificate. This course is designed for any healthcare professionals who work with patients with mental including MD, NP, PA, OT, RN, PsyD, MFT, and social workers.

Premium CE course:

If you are looking for a more diverse course selection without being restricted due to the cost– here are sites they provide more options of CME/CE course, but you have to pay for it. (note: a lot of our users who are MD or licensed counselors are currently getting CE for these sites as well)


  • UpToDate: This is definitely the top go-to site for physicians, physician assistants and other healthcare professionals to look for CME/CE if you are willing to pay. Based on UpToDate’s data, the subscriber has the access to more than 11600 clinical topic across 25 medical specialties. We often see our users from our physician group partner gain CME from UpToDate.
  • AMA Ed Hub™: This is an online learning platform from American Medical Association, they featuring JN Learning™ (CME from the JAMA Network™), STEPS Forward™ and other signature AMA education. The prices of the courses are pretty affordable.
  • NetCE: They cover CE course for nurses, APN, social workers, psychologists, and physicians. Their simple and easy to navigate user interface will ensure your CE course finding isn’t a harrowing experience. They also provide special offers for purchasing courses in bundle.
  • CE4less: This site has more than 656 CEU hours available specifically for social workers, psychologists, counselors, and MFTs. Before you decide to purchase, they provide 30 day free trial, which is a good idea to test to see if you like the site.
  • Aspira continuing education: Aspira provides CE courses for psychologists, MFTs, counselors, social workers, addiction counselors and nurses. Their 30 second video give you an brief introduction. Also, make sure to check out their current special offer.
  • Psychotherapy.net: Like we mentioned above, a lot of of users have requested CE topics covering psychology. Psychotherapy.net is a really comprehensive site, and probably the best around. They not only provide CE courses for psychologists (social workers and counselors as well) but also have various videos produced and categorized by experts in this field, covering different therapeutics issues. On top of that, their blog features various professionals who are MDs or licensed counselors helping bring their users as comprehensive content as possible.
  • Addiction Counselor CE: They cover CE course for addiction counselors, psychologists, social workers, mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists and others who focus on addictions, chemical dependency counseling, substance abuse and related topics. Their price from from $2.93 per credit is amazingly affordable!
  • EM:RAP: This site targets resident, student, RN, PA, NP and physicians especially in the field of emergency medicine. EMRAP provides diverse formats of CE courses including audio, paper review, video and livestream events and more. Also there are plenty of course options as well.

Live conferences and events:

If you prefer to spend you CE budget on going to some real-life events in-person instead of always being behind the scenes, we suggest you to check out some live events here to gain CE.


  • Wilderness medical society: If you want to find a proper excuse to getaway, attending CME conference in somewhere else is doubtlessly a great choice. They not only provide lists for CME conferences within the states, they also offer oversea CME trips for you to choose. (note: Wilderness medical society has a really good reputation on reddit)


  • PER(Physicians’ Education Resource): PER provides a list of upcoming CME conferences across the country, and you can easily select courses by your specialty. You can also locate online CME courses on their site.
  • Other popular annual live CE conference:
    • ACP Internal Medicine Meeting: American college of physicians internal medicine meeting. Read the CME/MOC and future meetings information here
    • FOMA Annual Convention: Florida Osteopathic Medical Association annual convention. This event will perfectly fulfill Florida CE requirement for MD or DO, but is not limited to Florida only. Check the page to see detail information.

Learn more to know If you are looking for ways to track multiple licenses and CEUs for your employees.

Unconventional ways to gain CME

According to this article from AMA, here are a few other ways to gain CME such us publishing a paper as the first listed author, poster presentation if you are the first author, gaining an advanced degree in medical-related field, or teaching at a live activity.

These methods can help you gain a decent amount of CME without having to dedicate time purely to the process. We highly recommend you check out this article!

Okay- we are wrapping up here, so last but not least…

Once again, request here to get your customized CE course curation, you will receive a follow- up email from us. If you are looking for doing this for your employees, check out this page. We hope that you found some useful opportunities here and wish you the best of luck on your CE Journey!

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