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How to better manage your continuing education credits

Discover efficient ways to manage CE credits. From old-fashioned paper trails to tech-savvy apps like CE App, streamline CE tracking effortlessly. Try CE App for easy credit management and personalized curation.


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In the contemporary healthcare landscape, clinicians are burdened with administrative and bureaucratic responsibilities, diverting their focus from patient care. Among these challenges is the crucial task of tracking Continuing Medical Education credits. Beyond documenting work on electronic health records and filling out complicated insurance forms, tasks such as keeping track of license compliance can slip under the radar. However, the workload of countless clinicians can be alleviated by a reliable, cutting-edge CE tracker. Tracking CE is much like doing taxes – you would rather not do it, but there can be severe consequences if you ignore it (such as losing your license or a malpractice case due to “practicing without a valid license”).

What Are Some of the “Old-Fashioned” Continuing Medical Education Credit Management Systems?

Here are a few traditional CME credit management systems that clinicians used in the past:

1. Self-Reporting:

Clinicians would manually keep track of their completed CME credits and other activities, and report them to the relevant licensing or certifying organizations. This method is prone to errors and can be time-consuming.

2. Paper, Filing Cabinets, and More Paper — Self-Management:  

After completing a CME credit, clinicians would receive a physical certificate. They would then maintain a collection of these certificates, often stored in folders or filing cabinets. This manual system can become burdensome as the number of certificates grows, and it lacks the efficiency of digital solutions.

3. Excel Spreadsheets: 

Some clinicians would opt to create their own Excel spreadsheets to track CME credits. While this is a step up from paper-based methods, it still requires manual data entry, and the lack of automation makes it less efficient than modern solutions. While using Excel can be an improvement, it lacks the cross-references and live updates that a dedicated CE tracking service can provide.

How to Better Manage Your Continuing Medical Education Credits

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Exploring Efficient Alternatives: Tracking CME Credits Through Online Tools and Apps

Tracking Continuing Medical Education credits efficiently is crucial for healthcare professionals to meet their licensing requirements and stay updated on the latest developments in their field. Utilizing online CE tracking tools and apps can streamline this process. Here are some efficient alternatives for tracking CME credits:

1. Accredited CME Providers' Platforms Offering CME Trackers:

Accredited CME providers often have dedicated online platforms to facilitate the tracking of Continuing Medical Education credits for healthcare professionals. Through this healthcare professionals can access and easily track their CME credits. These platforms often offer features like automatic credit tracking, downloadable certificates, and reminders for upcoming CME opportunities.

2. Tracking CME Credits Through an Education Site:

Moving onto more sophisticated methods of tracking CE, there are some associations, such as the ABFM, that keep track of your CE whenever you take one of their sponsored courses.  However, a drawback of this approach arises when individuals engage with multiple educators, leading to the challenge of managing various CE sources. This essentially undermines the intended convenience of relying on a third party for CE tracking. Additionally, some of these monitoring systems necessitate costly membership fees. Nevertheless, there are alternative solutions that successfully address these issues.

3. Tracking CME Credits Through an App

A Continuing Medical Education credits tracker App such as the CE App is designed to assist healthcare professionals in managing and monitoring their educational activities required for maintaining licensure and staying updated in their respective fields.

What does a CME Tracker App offer?

  • Efficient Tracking: Easily monitor and track CME credits with real-time progress updates.
  • Personalized Learning: Tailored course recommendations based on specialty, along with access to a diverse range of educational content.
  • Certification Management: Organize and store digital certificates, receive renewal reminders, and manage deadlines seamlessly.
  • Documentation and Reporting: Generate comprehensive reports for audits, easily exportable for licensing board integration.
  • Notifications and Reminders: Timely alerts for approaching deadlines, expiring certifications, and customizable reminders.

Why Choose the CE App for Tracking Your CME Credits?

Now what if you want more than just a one-dimensional tracking tool? The CE App is built to be an all-in-one solution for medical professionals like you. You can also join for free CE tracking.

CE Tracking Through CE App

When it comes to the hassle of searching for CME credits, the CE App is designed to streamline and eliminate time waste in the process. This is accomplished simply through having experts design and assist in every aspect of CE tracking and course curation. 

ACEA genuinely believes the CE App is the best CE tracker out there, and we take pride in offering its service.  With the CE App, you can:

  • Track all of your CME credits in one place,
  • Upload certificates, 
  • And request customized CME curation based on your license and specialty all for free. 

Therefore, we recommend managing your credits with the CE App, which is already eliminating bureaucratic struggles and freeing up time for hundreds of medical professionals in the United States.

CE Tracking Through CE App

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