5 Top CE tracking apps and online tools

At ACEA, we understand how time-consuming life can be as a licensed medical professional. You are working diligently, attending conferences and faculty meetings, or perhaps even publishing a journal paper. On top of all that, you have to remember to renew your medical license(s). You’ve got a lot on your plate, so let us take tracking your CE courses off your hands.

Having the right tool and solution is one of the best ways to track your CE (unless you have hired a personal secretary just to help you manage your CE credits). Here we collected five of the best CE tracking tools for you to evaluate which one works best for you!

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1. CE App

the CE App

Free CE App signup without limitations

✓ Free, unlimited tracking for CE certificates and multiple licenses

✓ Built for a wide variety of licenses, certifications, and other credentials that require continuing education

✓ Courses from different providers all tracked in one place

✓ Premium option for groups or individuals: offering compliance tracking and reporting, notification for license renewal, and more

✓ Does not sell your data to third parties

✘ Relatively simple interface

The user interface may not have all the gizmos by default, but this also means that it is relatively simple and easy to use– this would be a great solution for people who are not super tech-savvy. It is also built to be highly customizable for continuing education management software for organizations.

The tracking feature is extremely easy – you can simply take a picture of a CE certificate on your phone or drag a .PDF, image, or .docx file in, and it will save the course to your history.

If your time is valuable, CE App’s white-glove service, called CE App Elite makes it so you don’t spend any time tracking and managing your CE – their dedicated service team does the work for you (including tracking education, renewal reminders with your status, and curated content to stay compliant). Try Elite for free as an individual or get it as a benefit for your organization for only a few dollars per month. CE App also offers a stellar money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy for any reason within 45 days of signing up.

The CE App is the clear winner from our analysis for: a) organizations that support credentialed professionals and b) individuals who are managing multiple continuing education requirements.

Check out the CE App user guides to get a sense for the functionality for individuals and organizational admin users.


2. Ce broker


ce broker


✓ Works with various course providers and government regulatory agencies. You can search for a course on their platform

✓ Multiple pricing options

✓ Free phone app, available on desktop as well

✘ Does not have free tracking function for CE certificates and multiple licenses

✘ If you hold multiple licenses, you need to duplicate your tracking work for each

✘ Only designed for licenses in certain states

✘ Shares your data to third parties

The ce broker platform is the continuing education tracking system for states such as Florida. They do require a credit card to sign up and it is evident after you sign up that their real customers are the governmental bodies that they provide your data to. The free version allows you to track your reported CE hours and calculate them manually to make sure your compliance status is in order. The upgraded version features a service that provides you with state requirements for your license.


3. CE Zoom


CE zoom


✓ Free access to register for courses and conferences

✓ Multiple dental solutions for single professionals and for groups

✘ Does not have free tracking for multiple licenses 

✘ Does not have free unlimited CE certificate storage

✘ Not for every licensed professional (primarily for dental-related users)

If you are a dental healthcare professional, CE Zoom will provide you solutions to locate and register for continuing education courses, store your CE record, monitor your CE compliance progress, and notify you on new CE courses. If you are looking for more, they also offer a paid option that will allow you to maintain multiple licenses. This option tracks your compliance status based on the CE you manually upload and based on different state requirements. They also provide corporate licenses management which a single practice or DSO can use to manage licenses for a whole group.


4. Doximity CME


doximity CME


✓ Free access to CME-eligible articles on the app

✓ Great tool if you are tech-savvy

✘ Specifically designed for physicians only

✘ Cannot easily track CME from outside providers

It’s no surprise that the largest professional medical network for U.S. healthcare professionals, Doximity, also has a CME tracking tool. Doximity free app is a tool mainly designed for physicians, they help curate a personalized news feed; you can also track CME by reading CME-eligible articles on the app. Doximity app is more of a platform that facilitates a physician’s professional life rather than a tool that facilitates CE tracking. If you are tech-savvy, and heavily dependent on your phone already to get news and knowledge in the medical field, Doximity is the solid choice for you. But be aware that Doximity’s CE benefits are limited to its own reservoir of courses.


5. Ethos CE




✓ Design for a wide variety of continuing education credits including CEUs, CNE, CPE, CLE, CFP, CEH, PDH

✘ No free version

✘ Not built for individual users – focused on education providers

Ethos CE is an online learning management system (LMS). There’s no free version, however you can watch a tutorial video on their website before you decide to request a demo. Beyond tracking CEs/certificates and sending reminder, Ethos CE also integrates curriculum mapping based on your state. EthosCE also provides diverse services that revolve around working with healthcare organizations to help track and deliver CME for their employees.


It seems like every CE tracking tool or app has a unique host of benefits that may appeal to the average CE user. Check the links above and find the tool that fits the best for you. Tracking and managing your continuing education credits shouldn’t be this stressful. Renewing your license is a very crucial aspect of your career, so make your life a little bit easier with a CE tracking service.